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What is Sugaropolis

"Sugaropolis" is an engaging 2D puzzle platformer that explores the sugar history within Scotland, specifically Greenock, to become a source of education towards the country's links with the West Indies. Play as Campbell and Bonnie as they take you on a journey, regressing back through different time periods that were vital to the growth of the sugar industry in Scotland by embodying different members of the same working class Greenock family throughout several generations.

Guide both characters as you explore the history of the sugar trade in Scotland by running along the busy loading docks in 1833 Greenock, or exploring the enormous, dangerous working sugarhouses in 1807. You will learn about dietary changes and several other harsh realities of the trade that shaped the British Empire by collecting several historical artifacts and completing immersive and complex puzzles set within the levels.

By playing as the young Scottish lad Campbell, you will be able to enjoy core traditional mechanics like run and jump as well as being able to use objects within the world to solve puzzles and avoid the harsh eyes of the Sugar Refinery owners. Bonnie, the small westie dog comes with a range of abilities also, being able to dig under and gain access to areas where Campbell can't and being able to use his bark to distract the watchful eyes of the Refinery Owners away from Campbell. Both Campbell and Bonnie will need to work together to complete and explore each time period.

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